Today has been a good day so far and I hope it keeps getting better. I got our bedroom cleaned finally. haha With a baby its hard to clean but he was nice today, I am letting him sleep and I’m trying to get clothes washed. On another note I am going to start more baby-lead weaning with Junior soon. I found a really cool website so we will see, He pretty much already does blw but he does eat some purees still. I’m going to add some pictures of him in this blog. Does anyone have an idea for a blog?

Oh I went to my friends baby shower and it was good. I got to try carrot cake for the first time ever. i liked it intil my stomach started hurting!!! 🙂 I had my doctors appointment and my heart and lungs are great! Praise the Lord!Image

My wonder husband and son

I love sleeping babes


I love when my son takes nap because it gives me time to relax. This picture was taken when he first woke up. He is extremely happy when he first wakes up and it brings me joy. He of course nursed the entire time but he gets enough sleep that it makes him happy. I put him down so I could type and he knocked over the space heater and is now into the diapers. He is a very busy little boy. No matter what I do he loves the heater but it’s the kind that won’t burn him if he touches it. He makes me very happy to know that he feels safe to explore. On another note we are having to re home our dog tomorrow due to her peeing on the babies things. She just is not liking the new baby at all. I just hope it all works out for the best. Please keep us in your prays. I need to be going because he’s eating the cord.

Sleeping babes

While my son is laying in my arms sleeping I thought I’d write a blog. Today when we woke up my son was in the best mood and I loved it. We stayed in bed a little longer and he nursed. Then he played in the floor while I put clothes away. That reminds me I need to do laundry. We got up to go find daddy and give him hugs. After that I started feeling hungry so we went to the kitchen.

Junior- rice husk and nursed

Daddy huckleberry yogurt w/ chia seeds

Momma – pb&j sandwich

Not a very good breakfast on my behalf but hey with a 7 month old I have no time. Then we played and Junior got hurt on the ABC flip a blocks so they are going up until he is older. 😦 Poor baby. For, lunch we had hamburgers that my wonder husband cooked. They were the best!!!!! I got to season them but without his expertise they would have been BURNT!!! 🙂 Now I’m waiting to go to my friends baby shower at 6 and its only 2:20pm. Not long though. I know this might sound strange but at a party I can be found my the food. Can you guess why? I bet you thought it was because I’m fat and you would be 50% right. I like to put food in my purse (sons diaper bag) for later. I know bad right? But who really hasn’t? 🙂 My friend had her baby on Dec24 2012 and its a boy!!! He’s so tiny compared to Junior.. Makes me want another. But will we be able to? That will be for later. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!!!!!

Where has the time gone

My little man is growing. I don’t know where the time has gone. He is 7months old and has 2 teeth. he rolls around, pulls up, jumps and he army crawls. We are baby lead weaning and some purees. I just don’t know where the time went. I am going tp write this blog to my health and family. Would you like to hear any more blogs and what about? Just let me know and I’ll try.!!!Image