I’m back. It’s been a few days but I’ve been very busy. We had to rehome our dog today and its been depressing. My son has been really cranky today but it seems to be lighting up. I’m going to tell you a funny story for today’s blog. My son woke up screaming and I didn’t know what was wrong. He kept it up off and on all day. Then he pooped in his diaper so I changed him. I am grabbing a wipe when my mother in law screams STEPHANIE STEPHANIE!!! I turn to see my son has crapped all over the floor. It was priceless. Needless to say his stomach doesn’t hurt anymore and he isn’t screaming. 😦 I feel kinda bad because it’s my fault. I’ve been giving him to much banana lately. My mother in law’s name is Barbara and my son has been say bah bah to her. We found out today that he wanted her to give him a banana. How do I know this you asked? Well he looked at her then up at the bananas and say bah bah. lol That made her happy because she wants to be called Granny!!! LOL Anyways he’s wanting to eat so ttyl.

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